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Benefits of Solar

Clean, Renewable Energy: Why Solar Now?

Clean Energy Means Affordable Power

Clean energy makes economic sense for families and communities. Across many parts of the country today, renewable energy is cheaper than coal and fracked gas.1 Wind, solar, energy efficiency, and other clean and renewable technologies are providing more affordable power at stable prices. The rapidly dropping costs of wind and solar are boosting our national economy and saving money in families’ pocketbooks.

  • Since 2009, the solar transition is more affordable, and the price of wind power is down 66%, making these clean energy sources economically viable without government assistance. *
  • Since 1980, our economy has grown by 149% but energy use has only increased 26%. That’s due in part to energy efficiency having doubled since the 1980s, reducing waste and saving families money. Economic growth is no longer tied to using more energy, as our homes, cars, and businesses have become more efficient. *
  • Solar power is now cheaper than the current cost of utility-provided electricity in 42 of our nation’s 50 biggest cities and in nearly half of all states.

* Source: CleanTechnica and ACEEE


How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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