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We Will Be Contacting You Within the Next Business Day.

Thank you for your interest we will be scheduling our free solar consultation with you.  You can also call us at 407-610-1018 if you have questions.

Just to keep you informed there is an eight-step process to begin your solar energy savings.

  1. Savings Report: Find out exactly how much money you’ll be able to save when you start generating your own solar power.
  2. Approval Process: We’ll get approval for your solar plan so that we know exactly what needs we can address and how we can help most.
  3. Documents: Easy to understand, simple to complete documents that outline every step, and cost so you don’t get surprises.
  4. Site Survey: Our team will visit and implement a plan to get you and your home solar-ready.
  5. CAD/Permit: We get building permits, dig approval, and adhere to the technical process of ensuring safe and regulated construction.
  6. Installation: Find confidence that we’ll send out the best in the business to install your solar panels quickly and safely.
  7. Inspection: Your city or county will come and do an inspection of your solar panels.
  8. Activation: When the power goes on, you’ll start seeing saving instantly. You’ll be completely empowered with your own energy!