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Lithion HomeGrid Off-Grid Solar Batteries

Off-Grid Solar Backup System

Amazon Solar has partnered and installs HomeGrid batteries for both grid-tied and off-grid solar power applications.  This is the latest technology and enables batteries to achieve fast charging rates of 2C and above, with a lifetime of more than 1.5 million kilometers,

Which battery do I need for my Off-Grid power system?  We offer customized solutions based on the appliances you are running.  Give us a call and lets discuss your needs we’ll recommend battery solutions, including how much solar you need to go off-grid.  Call us today at  (407) 610-1018

We wanted to summarize the key benefits of the HomeGrid Batteries. 











Why Add HomeGrid Battery Backup To Your Home Solar Power System?

  • Savings Typically, only 1/3 of your electrical usage is during high solar production hours. A home battery lets you store your electricity from the sun or other renewables for later use, allowing you to offset much more of your electricity usage.
  • Safety Most solar panels will not work in a power outage. Fire codes dictate that there can’t be electricity going back to the grid in an emergency. When you install a battery, you enable your solar to keep working when the power goes out.
  • Whole-Home Backup Other battery manufacturers claim they can back up your entire home, but including central A/C and other large appliances is often a no-go. With up to 16.8 kW surge and 14.4 kW continuous power in the Homegrid Stack’d Series, we can back up anything you’re using in your home.

Lithion HomeGrid Residential Solar Batteries

Lithion HomeGrid residential solar batteries are a newer product on the market that combine Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology (nicknamed LFP based on its chemical formula, LiFePO4), with a modular design, allowing homeowners to get a battery size that meets their unique needs and providing them with the means to quickly upgrade when necessary.

  • LFP batteries are safer and more efficient than other types of lithium ion batteries; namely Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide (NMC) batteries, which are currently the most-used battery chemistry.
  • NMC batteries work well for many applications, but operate at a higher temperature and have the potential to catch fire if they have defects, due to a phenomenon known as “thermal runaway”.
  • The chemistry of LFP batteries also doesn’t contain cobalt, a toxic chemical typically mined under bad conditions.


How Much Battery Storage Do You Need?

  • Battery capacity is typically measured in kWh, just like your electricity usage on your bill.
  • Most people use about 33% of their electricity during the day while solar is produced.
  • This means that around 67% of your electricity usage isn’t actually being covered by your solar!
  • To best size your system you need to know what your goals are: going off-grid, saving money, or cost-effective backup.
  • As an example: If you use 30 kWh a day and your solar covers 10 kWh, you have 20 kWh left that need to be covered. The three battery sizing options would be, 20 kWh (off-grid), 10 kWh (money savings), or 5 kWh (cost-effective backup).

10 Year Battery Warranty

  • With HomeGrid, the 10-year warranty covers full cost of the product over the entire 10 years and 1 cycle a day.
  • Their batteries have been tested to 9000 cycles and are serviceable for 25 years!


Feel the need to start small and expand in the future? The Stack’d Series allows you to expand your capacity by allowing up to 8 modules in each stack. That equals a range of 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh per unit. You can run up to 10 Stacks in parallel.

Whole-Home Backup

The competitors claim they can back up your entire home, but including central A/C and other large appliances is often a no-go. With up to 24 kW surge and 15 kW continuous power in our Stack’d Series, it can back up anything you’re using in your home.


By pairing lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology with a low voltage 48v system and our IP55 water/dust resistance, it is one of the safest batteries on the market. The proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) ensures ideal battery health, and we offer a 10-year, full-refund warranty.

How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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