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Amazon Solar

Saving the earth begins at home, we offer the very best service and solar panel installation with Amazon Solar of Central Florida.


Amazon Solar

Keep the planet green and save the rainforest by switching to solar energy for your home or office.


Amazon Solar

Solar energy is the most plentiful, least expensive and one of the best ways to reduce your electric bill and increase the value of your home or office.


Amazon Solar

Save now with Florida and Federal Tax Credits with Zero Down!


Amazon Solar Credit Repair skip the expensive credit repair companies & save your hard earned money!

How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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Free up to $300 in Amazon Gift Cards

You are just three steps away from your free $300 in Amazon gift cards!  By going solar you significantly reduce or in some cases even eliminating your electric bill so you can spend money elsewhere, or save the difference.

Plus, increasing your home value and reduce carbon footprint at home.

Learn about the 10 benefits of solar photovoltaic panels.

Why Solar Panels in Florida Are a Great Financial Option

You can go Solar with zero investment and save up to 100% from day one!

If you are considering the option of adding a solar energy system to your home or commercial office and harness the sun’s energy…now is the time to act with all the tax incentives!

The prices of solar panels have steadily decreased over the years, as new technologies have continually been discovered to make solar energy components more efficient.

Solar panels do not only help to reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your home and office you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint on climate change.

Our Solar Products/Services

We provide homeowners and businesses in Florida all the solar services they need to make the switch to clean renewable energy.

Site inspections are important to establish the most appropriate panel position for your specific electricity usage pattern.

Our Solutions

You can go Solar with zero investment and save up to 100% from day one!

Our solar solutions are made for you after understanding your space availability, usage and specific power rating requirements.

Get my savings now!

Our Solar Projects

9.9kw System with Spray Foam. – This Solar system was designed with a few key factors in mind. Simplicity and efficiency.  There are very few penetrations on the roof, and the panels all fit perfectly on the south side to absorb as much of that beautiful Florida sun as possible.  This system offers 100% offset when combined with spray foam. This happy client will save $65,000 over the lifetime of their system.

8.9kw system with Spray Foam. – This was a fun project.  The client already has solar for the pool, and wanted to be Net Zero.  The system was designed and mounted beautifully on the South facing roof, giving the greatest amount of exposure.  Our client was extremely happy with the 26% tax credit and the discounts for being a veteran for our great country.  Their savings will be well over $53,000.
8kw system with Spray foam. – This project has a very unique roof structure.  The Roof has many small areas to install on, as you can see, we never run the conduit on the outside of the home.  The installation is very clean, as well as efficient.  This system will offer 100% offset and will save this family $47,000.

Sizing and Pricing a System

We consider many factors about your specific install to pull together the best price for you.

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Construction Of House/Office

(Roof material, height, steepness)

Equipment Choice

(Economy, premium, or extra features)

Where You Live

(Permitting costs and incentive availability)