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Florida Solar Tax Savings

There is a reason why Florida is called the Sunshine State and you can take advantage of the many tax credits Florida and federal offerings.

Florida Net Metering

  • Net energy metering is one of the best reasons to add solar to your home or business.
  • Your utility will buy excess energy from you any time that your home solar system creates more energy than you need and will pay you in the form of energy credits that you can use at night or on cloudy days.
  • Florida law requires net metering customers are compensated at the retail rate and customers are credited for the energy produced by their solar systems at their electricity rate.

Residential Solar System Tax Exemption

  • The Florida Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption allows you to keep the 6% sales tax that would come with the purchase of a home solar system.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

  • In addition to these programs, homeowners who buy a residential solar system are also eligible for the federal solar tax credit.
  • The federal solar tax credit reduces the cost of a solar installation by 26% for 2021.


But time is always running out. Each year the solar tax incentives in Florida drop. By 2023, it will be 22% and in 2024, 0%!

There is no guarantee the recent extension to solar tax incentives in Florida will happen again. Solar tax credits have been slashed for years – it was 30% back in 2019.


How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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