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Solar Facts

Solar System Inverters for Your Home or Office

What is a solar inverter?

A solar inverter is an electrical converter that changes the direct current (DC) electricity captured by solar panels, into alternating current (AC), which is the standard flow of electricity required for electrical circuits and domestic appliances.  There are two main types of inverters used in solar installations.

  • String Line Inverters (older technology)
  • Micro Inverters (latest technology)

How do solar inverters work?

  1. DC electricity is channeled through a transformer.
  2. The transformer lowers the voltage and changes to AC.
  3. The DC runs through two or more transistors.
  4. These are rapidly turned on and off to feed the two different sides of the transformer.

What are the best inverters?

The microinverters have proven to be the most efficient of all inverters and utilize the latest technology.

The inverter often forms part of the complete solar system and the size (capacity) of the microinverter chosen depends largely on the size (capacity) of the individual Pv module (solar panel), the amount of energy it produces.


How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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