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Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Tired of increasing electricity bills in your home or business?

The roof becomes a most useful area which increases the value of existing infrastructure, it helps in reducing the generation of carbon footprint.

Benefits of Solar


  1. Research suggests that on average, Florida homes rise by 4% in value.*
  2. If your average current electricity bill is $200, then over the next 25 years, you would be paying the power company $103,062 (taking into account an inflation rate of 4%). Going solar, however, and you can pay as little as $11 a month.*
  3. Eliminate energy cost uncertainty.  You can fix your electricity rate and protect against unpredictable increases in electricity costs.
  4. Low Maintenance Cost
  5. Earn Tax Credits Now Before They Expire

* Source: Florida Atlantic University


  1. Renewable Energy Source
  2. Solar Power Helps the Environment
  3. Solar Cells Make No Noise
  4. Solar Power Improves Grid Security
  5. Environmentally friendly energy production.  Solar produces no harmful emissions for the environment. A small solar panel system (2.5Kw) is the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.


Our Solar Projects

9.9kw System with Spray Foam. – This Solar system was designed with a few key factors in mind. Simplicity and efficiency.  There are very few penetrations on the roof, and the panels all fit perfectly on the south side to absorb as much of that beautiful Florida sun as possible.  This system offers 100% offset when combined with spray foam. This happy client will save $65,000 over the lifetime of their system.

8.9kw system with Spray Foam. – This was a fun project.  The client already has solar for the pool, and wanted to be Net Zero.  The system was designed and mounted beautifully on the South facing roof, giving the greatest amount of exposure.  Our client was extremely happy with the 26% tax credit and the discounts for being a veteran for our great country.  Their savings will be well over $53,000.

8kw system with Spray foam. – This project has a very unique roof structure.  The Roof has many small areas to install on, as you can see, we never run the conduit on the outside of the home.  The installation is very clean, as well as efficient.  This system will offer 100% offset and will save this family $47,000.

How much can you save with solar panels for your home or office?

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